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Unit 1 Friendship

Kezban:…………..movies do you like watching?

Şuhedanur: I like comedies.

a)      What kind of    c) What would you like to watch

b)      How about       d) Do you like comedy


Ömer: We’re having a party at Yusuf’s house. Would you like to join us?

Ferhat: ……………… I’m going to go to Gümüşhane  with my father.


     b)That would be great

     c)I’d love to but I can’t

     d)That’s bettter

Testin devamı :1. Ünite Friendship Deneme Sınavı

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1. Ünite Friendship Kelime Sınavı

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Making, Accepting, Refusing Offers 

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