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               İngilizce Poster Setleri

               2. Sınıf

                     Unit 1 Words

                     Unit 2 Friends

                     Unit 3 In The Classroom

                     Unit 4 Numbers

                     Unit 5 Colours

                     Unit 6 At The Playground

                     Unit 7 Body Parts

                     Unit 8 Pets

                     Unit 9 Fruits

                     Unit 10 Animals


               Listening 1

                     Where do you come from?

                     What is your name?

                     Making a phone call

                     At the travel agent

                     The interview

                     Jop application

                     On the airplane


                     Why don't you wear this?

                     Greeting Customers

               Action Verbs

                     Action Verbs Matching 1

                     Action Verbs Matching 2

                     Action Verbs Matching 3

                     Action Verbs Pair Game 1

                     Action Verbs Pair Game 2

                     Action Verbs Pair Game 3

                     Action Verbs Crossword 1

                     Action Verbs Crossword 2

                     Action Verbs Crossword 3

                     Action Verbs Wordsearch 1

                     Action Verbs Wordsearch 2

                     Action Verbs Wordsearch 3




                     Future Tense (will & be going to)

                     Past Continuous Tense

                     Past Perfect Tense

                     What did you do yesterday?

                     Simple Past Tense 2

                     Was - were

                     Simple Past Tense 1

                     Simple Present Tense Dialogue

                     Simple Present Tense Daily Activities

                     Irregular Verbs(V1 - V2 - V3)

                     Irregular Verbs ( V1 - V2 )

                     P. Tense vs. P. Continuous Tense

                     Present Continuous Tense 4

                     Present Continuous Tense 3

                     Present Continuous Tense 2

                     Present Continuous Tense 1

                     Simple Present Tense


               The Alphabet worksheets


                     Vocabulary 1

               Body Parts

               Poster Setleri

                     The Alphabet Poster

                     Numbers Poster

                     Colours Poster

                     Animals Poster

                     Fruits and Vegetables Poster

                     School Poster

                     Family Poster

                     Parts of the Body Poster

                     Actions Poster

                     Feelings Poster

                     Jobs Poster

                     Food and Drinks Poster

                     Clothes Poster

                     Transportation Poster

                     Weather Poster

                     Days Months Seasons Poster

                     My Home Poster

                     Toys Poster

                     Shapes Poster

               2. Sınıf İngilizce


                     Present Continuous Tense

                     Simple Present Tense

                     Future Tense

                     Simple Past Tense

                     Past Continuous Tense

                     Future Continuous Tense

                     Present Perfect Tense

                     Past Perfect Tense

                     Future Perpect Tense

                     Present Perfect Continuous

                     Past Perfect Continuous Tense

                     Future Perfect Continuous Tense

                     Was - Were going to

               Animals worksheets

               3. Sınıf İngilizce


               Teşekkür Etme

               4. Sınıf İngilizce

               Rica, İstek

               Çıkmış Sorular


               Appearance and Personality worksheets

               Days of the Week

               Özür Cümleleri

               Body parts worksheets

               5. Sınıf İngilizce


               Months of the Year

               Can - can't worksheets

               6. Sınıf İngilizce


               7. Sınıf İngilizce



               Classroom objects worksheets

               8. Sınıf ingilizce



               Clothes worksheets

               Web 2.0 Araçları


               Colours worksheets

               Comparative worksheets

               4006 TÜBİTAK Bilim Fuarı Projeleri

                     English With Games


                     Let's learn in the playground



               Days of the week worksheets

               3. Sınıf

                     Unit 1 Greeting

                     Unit 2 My Family

                     Unit 3 People I Love

                     Unit 4 Feelings

                     Unit 5 Toys and Games

                     Unit 6 My House

                     Unit 7 In My City

                     Unit 8 Transportation

                     Unit 9 Weather

                     Unit 10 Nature

               Family worksheets

               Stories for Children

                     A Boy Cut For Girls

                     Bunty and Bubbly

                     Gajapati Kulapati

                     How To Lose A Shoe

                     Rosa Goes To The City

                     Santa's Christmas

                     Thank you Mr Secretary

                     The Boo In The Shoe

                     The Elves And The Shoemaker

                     The First Christmas

                     The Flying Elephant

                     The Four Friends

                     The Greatest Treasure

                     The King's Secret

                     The Lion And The Fox

                     The Little Pianist

                     The Moon And The Cap

                     The Musical Donkey

                     The Princess Farmer

                     The Talkative Tortoise

                     The Whispering Palms

                     The Wind And The Sun

                     The Wirst Well

                     Tihar Jail

                     Too Much Noise

                     Turtle's Flute

                     Tucket The Bucket

                     Vayu, The Wind

                     What Did You See?

                     Zippy The Zebra


               Mostly Used Words

               Feelings worksheets

               Riddles and Brain Teasers


                     Adjectives Matching 1

                     Adjectives Matching 2

                     Adjectives Matching 3

                     Adjectives Pair Game 1

                     Adjectives Pair Game 2

                     Adjectives Pair Game 3

                     Adjectives Wordsearch 1

                     Adjectives Wordseach 2

                     Adjectives Wordsearch 3

                     Adjectives Wordsearch 4

                     Adjectives Wordsearch 5

               Action Verbs

               Fruits worksheets

               Greetings worksheets

               Biliyor muydunuz?

               Classroom Objects

               Personality Adjectives

               Faydalı Siteler

               Health problems worksheets

               Comparative - Superlative



               Jobs / Occupations worksheets

               Kısaltmalar / Acronyms

               İngilizcem Bitti

               Let's worksheets

               ELT Worksheets

               Like - don't like worksheets

               Tag questions

               Numbers worksheets

               Verb to be (am-is-are)

               English With Gogo

                     What is your name?

                     What is his name?

                     Who is s/he?

                     What is this?

                     What's that?

                     What colour is this?

                     What are they? ( Fruits )

                     How old are you?

                     How many are there?

                     What's the time?

                     What do you like?

                     Do you like birds?

                     Have you got a ruler?


                     I can swim

                     I'm tall.

                     I'm hungry

                     What's she doing?

                     Where is Gogo?

                     What are they doing?

               Verb to be ( Was - were)

               Offers and Invitations worksheets

               There is - There are

               Opposites worksheets

               4. Sınıf

                     Unit 1 Classroom Rulues

                     Unit 2 Nationality

                     Unit 4 Free Time

                     Unit 3 Cartoon Characters

                     Unit 5 My Day

                     Unit 6 Fun with Science

                     Unit 7 Jobs

                     Unit 8 My Clothes

                     Unit 9 My Friends

                     Unit 10 Food And Drinks

               Articles (a / an /The)

               Parts of a house worksheets

               ingilizce poster

               Sınıf Oyunları

               Telling the Time

               Simple past tense worksheets

               Have got - Has got

               ingilizce flashcards

               Pets worksheets

               Prefer worksheets

               Listening (Dinleme)

               Adjectives & Personality

                     Personality - Physical appearance

                     Like - Look Like

               Craft Activities

               Prepositions worksheets

               Present continuous Tense

               Ludo (Kızma Birader)


                     Animals Matching 1

                     Animals Matching 2

                     Animals Matching 3

                     Animals Matching 4

                     Animals Matching 5

                     Animals Pair Game 1

                     Animals Pair Game 2

                     Animals Pair Game 3

                     Animals Pair Game 4

                     Animals Pair Game 5

                     Animals Crossword 1

                     Animals Crossword 2

                     Animals Crossword 3

                     Animals Crossword 4

                     Animals Crossword 5

                     Animals Wordsearch 1

                     Animals Wordsearch 2

                     Animals Wordsearch 3

                     Animals Wordsearch 4

                     Animals Wordsearch 5

               Shapes worksheets

               İngilizce Oyunlar

                     Çapraz Bulmaca

                     Cram Oyunları

                     Eşleştirme Oyunları

                     Eşini Bulma Oyunları

                     Kelime Avı

                     Sınıf Oyunları

                     Online Oyunlar

                     Programlı Oyunlar(İndirilebilir)

               Toys worksheets

               Telling the time worksheets

               Transportation worksheets

               Verb "to be" worksheets

               Weather worksheets

               5. Sınıf

                     Unit 1 Hello

                     Unit 2 My Town

                     Unit 3 Games and Hobbies

                     Unit 4 My Daily Routines

                     Unit 5 Health

                     Unit 6 Movies

                     Unit 7 Party Time

                     Unit 8 Fitness

                     Unit 9 The Animal Shelter

                     Unit 10 Festivals

               This - That worksheets

               Worksheets/Çalışma Kağıtları

                     Animals - Hayvanlar

                     Body - Vücut

                     Can & Can't

                     Clothes- Elbiseler

                     Colors - Renkler

                     Comparative - Kıyaslama

                     Days - Günler

                     Family - Aile

                     Feelings - Duygular

                     Fruits - Meyveler

                     Greetings - Selamlaşma

                     Health - Sağlık

                     Jobs - Meslekler

                     Let's - Haydi

                     Like & don't like

                     Numbers- Sayılar

                     Opposites - Zıt kavramlar

                     Past Tense - Geçmiş Zaman

                     Pets - Evcil Hayvanlar

                     Present Continuous Tense

                     The Alphabet - Alfabe

                     Parts of a house-Evin Bölümleri

                     Appearance and Personality - Dış Görünüş ve Karakter

                     Playground - Oyun Alanı

                     Prefer - Tercih Etmek

                     Prepositions - Edatlar

                     Present Continuous Tense - Şimdiki Zaman

                     School - Okul

                     Shapes - Şekiller

                     Suggestions/Offers - Öneriler

                     Time - Saat

                     Toys - Oyuncaklar

                     Transportation - Ulaşım

                     Verbs to be

                     Weather - Hava Durumu

                     What is this? - Bu Ne?


                     The Fox - Ylvis

               Eğitici Şarkılar

                     What's the Matter?

                     Hello, Hello, How are you?

                     Hello, What is your name?

                     Scool Supplies

               6. Sınıf

                     Unit 1 Life

                     Unit 2 Yummy Breakfast

                     Unit 3 Downtown

                     Unit 4 Weather and Emotions

                     Unit 5 At The Fair

                     Unit 6 Occupations

                     Unit 7 Holiday

                     Unit 8 Book Worms

                     Unit 9 Saving The Planet

                     Unit 10 Democracy

               Daily English Phrases

                     Daily English Phrases 1

                     Daily English Phrases 2

                     Daily English Phrases 3

                     Daily English Phrases 4

               Body parts

                     Body Parts Matching

                     Body Parts Pair Game

                     Body Parts Crossword

                     Body Parts Wordsearch


                     Chores Matching 1

                     Chores Matching 2

                     Chores Pair Game 1

                     Chores Pair Game 2

               7. Sınıf

                     Unit 1 Appearance and Personality

                     Unit 2 Sports

                     Unit 3 Biographies

                     Unit 4 Wild Animals

                     Unit 5 Television

                     Unit 6 Celebrations

                     Unit 7 Dreams

                     Unit 8 Public Buildings

                     Unit 9 Environment

                     Unit 10 Planets

               Classroom Objects

                     Classroom Objects Matching

                     Classroom Objects Pair Game

                     Classroom Objects Hangman

                     Classroom Objects Crossword


                     Clothes Matching 1

                     Clothes Matching 2

                     Clothes Matching 3

                     Clothes Pair Game 1

                     Clothes Pair Game 2

                     Clothes Pair Game 3

                     Clothes Crossword 1

                     Clothes Crossword 2

                     Clothes Crossword 3

                     Clothes Wordsearch 1

                     Clothes Wordsearch 2

                     Clothes Wordsearch 3

               8. Sınıf

                     Unit 1 Friendship

                     Unit 2 Teen Life

                     Unit 3 In the Kitchen

                     Unit 4 On the Phone

                     Unit 5 The Internet

                     Unit 6 Adventures

                     Unit 7 Tourism

                     Unit 8 Chores

                     TEOG Puan Hesaplama


                     Body Parts - Vücut Bölümleri

                     Clothes- Elbiseler

                     Colors - Renkler

                     Fruits & Vegetables - Meyveler ve Sebzeler

                     Jobs - Meslekler

                     Pets - Evcil Hayvanlar

                     Transportation - Ulaşım

                     Weather - Hava Durumu

                     Wild Animals - Vahşi Hayvanlar


                     Colours Matching

                     Colours Pair Game

               Daily Routine

                     Daily Routines Matching 1

                     Daily Routines Matching 2

                     Daily Routines Matching 3

                     Daily Routines Pair Game 1

                     Daily Routines Pair Game 2

                     Daily Routines Pair Game 3


               Foto Galeri

               Ziyaretçi Defteri


               Days of the Week

                     Days Matching

                     Days Pair Game

                     Days Crossword

                     Days Wordsearch

                     Days Order


                     Drinks Matching

                     Drinks Pair Game

                     Drinks Crossword

                     Drinks Wordsearch


                     Family Matching 1

                     Family Pair Game 1

                     Family Wordsearch 1

                     Family Matching 2

                     Family Pair Game 2

                     Family Wordsearch 2

               Farm Animals

                     Farm Animals Matching

                     Farm Animals Hangman

                     Farm Animals Crossword

                     Farm Animals Wordsearch

                     Farm Animals Pair Game

                     Farm Animals Multiple Choice


                     Feelings Matching 1

                     Feelings Pair Game 1

                     Feelings Wordsearch 1

                     Feelings Matching 2

                     Feelings Pair Game 2

                     Feelings Wordsearch 2


                     Foods Matching 1

                     Foods Pair Game 1

                     Food Crossword 1

                     Foods Wordsearch 1

                     Foods Matching 2

                     Foods Pair Game 2

                     Food Crossword 2

                     Foods Wordsearch 2

                     Food Hangman


                     Fruits Hangman

                     Fruits Matching 1

                     Fruits Pair Game 1

                     Fruits Crossword 1

                     Fruits Wordsearch 1

                     Fruits Matching 2

                     Fruits Pair Game 2

                     Fruits Crossword 2

                     Fruits Wordsearch 2

                     Fruits Multiple Choice


                     Health Probles Matching

                     Health Problems Pair Game

                     Health Problems Crossword

                     Health Problems Wordsearch

                     Health Problems Multiple Choice

                     Health Problems Hangman


                     Jobs Matching 1

                     Jobs Matching 2

                     Jobs Pair Game 1

                     Jobs Pair Game 2

                     Jobs Crossword 1

                     Jobs Crossword 2

                     Jobs Wordsearch 1

                     Jobs Wordsearch 2

                     Jobs Multiple Choice 1


                     Numbers Matching (1-12)

                     Numbers Matching (10-100)

                     Numbers Pair Game (1-12)

                     Numbers Pair Game (10-100)


                     Pesronality Matching 1

                     Personality Matching 2

                     Personality Matching 3

                     Personality Matching 4

                     Personality Grouping 1

                     Personality Grouping 2

                     Personality Pair Game 1

                     Personality Pair Game 2

                     Personality Pair Game 3

                     Personality Pair Game 4

                     Personality Crossword

                     Personality Wordsearch 1

                     Personality Wordsearch 2

                     Personality Wordsearch 3

                     Personality Hangman


                     Pets Matching

                     Pets Pair Game

                     Pets Crossword

                     Pets Wordsearch

                     Pets Hangman


                     Transportation Matching

                     Transportation Pair Game

                     Transportation Crossword

                     Transportation Wordsearch

                     Transportation Hangman

                     Transportation Multiple Choice


                     Weather Multiple Choice

                     Weather Pair Game

                     Weather Matching

                     Weather Wordsearch


                     Months Pair Game

                     Months Wordsearch

               Hilal Reklam

               Okuling Eğitim Materyalleri

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